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Find play mates, play spaces, gyms, tournaments, sports events and more from with our simple search.


Profiles are important in Sports whether you are player, a coach, a scout, if you are related to sports in any way, creating your profile will benefit you in multiple ways. Create one now.

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Keep track of your tournament registrations, your play appointments and more with us.

For Organisers

Organisation Website Builder

If you have an Organisation that deals with anything sports, create a professional dedicated website with us and gear up with capabilities to manage all functions of your organisation. Organisation owners can also effectively market and manage all their events. Its an ideal tool for institutions, sports associations, event organisers and corporates alike.

Tournament Organiser

Imagine a tournament - how would you create the schedule and share updates and results with the participants and their fans & family? Sportemis helps you do all of this real easy and quick.

Team Manager

This helps both Organisers and Team Managers manage the teams and squads whilst communicating with them effectively.

Activities & Events Manager

Create Activities & Events in a jiffy and manage them effectively whilst creating a larger reach and marketability for them.

Venue Manager

Venue owners can effectively manage utilisation and marketability of their venues. They can also create schedules and pricing plans for their venues.


The entire platform is highly competitively priced and yet delivers maximum value for anyone in sports or events.